Created in 1992 by Bestial Pussyferian, Gelal to record "Goat of a Thousand Young" demo.

A gig is played in Manassas, Virginia with guest musician Kommando (Arghoslent) on bass and Bitch on keyboards. Gelal quits. Pussyferian attempts to replace Gelal with Farkas and other members but it is a failure.  Gelal rejoins when Demonic becomes bassist.  Another gig is played in Manassas, Virginia with this lineup.

Lord Vlad Pussyferian, Gelal and Demonic record "Triump of the Hordes" demo.  

GBK plays gigs with guest musician Invocator of Eternal Weeping on keyboards in Virginia and at the Bayou in Washington D.C.  The Black Lourde of Crucifixion is summoned to play drums.   Lord Vlad is deported.  Demonic takes a leave of absence.

Gelal, The Black Lourde of Crucifixion, The Marauder record "A Witness to the Regicide" 7"ep.

Gelal, The Black Lourde of Crucifixion, Lilith record "Mocking the Philanthropist" CD/LP.
Der Sturmer joins as bassist for recordings and live performances.

Gelal, The Black Lourde of Crucifixion, Der Sturmer, Lilith record "The Tricifixion of Swine" 7"ep. A gig is played in North Arlington, New Jersey. 

Demonic returns on bass.  Gelal, Demonic, The Black Lourde of Crucifixion record "Judeobeast Assassination" CD/LP.  A gig is played in Strousburg, Pennsylvania, "The Return of Darkness and Evil" festival in Clifton, New Jersey, and in Long Island, New York.  

Gelal, Demonic, The Black Lourde of Crucifixion record songs for both"Sperm of the Antichrist" split 7"ep and "Hobo of Aramaic Tongues" split 7"ep during the same session.

GBK plays Milwaukee Metal Fest with Marauder on 2nd guitar.  The Black Lourde of Crucifixion quits to focus on CRUCIFIER. Grimnir and The Gulag are summoned to tour Europe to play the "Pimps of Gennesaret Tour" which included Belgium, Drakkar Hellfest in Bladel, Holland, Bitterfeld and Bucholz-Annaberg in Germany, and in Brescia, Italy. 

GBK plays the Blitzkrieg Festival in Aurora, Illinois and Lakewood, Ohio with The Black Lourde of Crucifixion for the very last time.  Grimnir does guest vocals.

GBK plays the "Vae Victis Metalfest" in Toronto, Canada.

Gelal, Demonic, The Gulag, Grimnir record "On a Mule Rides the Swindler" 7"ep.

Gelal, Demonic, The Gulag, Grimnir record "Kosherat" CD/LP and tracks for the future "Weltenfeind" split CD/LP

GBK plays its second tour in Europe hitting London, England (canceled but relocated), Denmark (canceled but relocated), Italy, and Helsinki, Kouvula, and Turku, Finland.  Gig in Dublin, Ireland was canceled.  A gig is also played in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the "Night of the Black Pentecost" in Springfield, Virginia  and our final live performance with Grimnir "Hooligan Black Metal Attack" in Queens, New York City.  Grimnir dies.  The Gulag quits.

Unhold and Úlfhéðinn are summoned to play the Hammer Open Air festival in Lieto, Finland and in Chicago, Illinois. 

GBK plays the Apocalyptic Rites festival in Kuopio, and Helsinki, Finland and the Hells Headbangers III festival in Lakewood, Ohio.

W.T.C. Productions in Deutchland released the GBK demos in digibook and LP format in an effort to counter the numerous bootleg versions in the FUNDERGROUND (released by Jewhovahs). 

As of this date all of GBK's music is banned on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Discogs, Bandcamp, and so forth.